Air  Conditioning:

Create comfort throughout your home by installing a cooling system that meets your needs.


Here at Gas Associated Services we are comitted to providing you, our clients the best quality of appliance, installation and cost for your needs.

With a team of qualified engineers you can be assured of great customer care, timely install of your new appliance and great servicing and repairs on existing units.


What we provide


  • Evaporative 

  • Reverse Cycle (providing cool air and warmth throughout your home in one system)

  • Split Systems

  • Portable Air Conditioners


What is Gas Heating ?

A gas heater is any heater that burns either natural gas or LPG in order to heat an area of the home.  They are popular as they produce large amounts of heat and they are more energy efficient and cheaper to run than electric heating options.  There are different types of gas heaters to choose from, but all are flued or unflued. A flued gas heater is one that vents the emissions created to the outside of the home.  An unflued gas heater does not have this vent and thus releases the emissions into the room. Unflued gas heaters have very strict emissions requirements but they should not be used in small rooms or rooms with bad ventilation such as the bathroom or bedrooms. There are also different types of gas heaters.

Gas Heating:


Some of the most common include:


  • Gas fireplaces

  • Gas ducted heating

  • Convective space heaters

  • Radiant space heaters

  • Gas log fires

How To Use A Gas Heater Safely:

Always follow the operating instructions on the appliance or in the manual if you have one.

You Should Always:

  • Have plenty of ventilation – never seal up doorways, windows or vents. Ventilation is very important as it allows fresh air to come in and fumes to go out.

  • Prevent young children and elderly people from touching very hot surfaces. The normal dress guard only protects against accidental clothing contact.

  • Be careful when drying clothes inside – keep all flammable materials at least one metre away from the heater.



You Should NEVER:

  • Use an unflued gas heater in a bathroom, bedroom or caravan. Toxic gases may cause serious health problems in these situations

  • Use or store solvents, aerosols or pressure pack cans near a gas heater – even if the heater is turned off, the pilot light may still be on

  • Dispose of rubbish such as tissues, cotton buds or other things in a gas fire – this can affect combustion and produce dangerous pollutants

  • Use an outdoor appliance inside (this includes barbeques and patio heaters).


  • If you service your heater regularly and use it correctly, it should be safe and economical to use.