A superior operating range suited for Australia
Most overseas air conditioners are only designed with a maximum temperature range of 43ºC to 46ºC.
The Serene operates up to 50ºC. Big deal? Yes.
The temperature around the outdoor unit can reach far higher than what they’re saying on the weather
report due to direct sun or heat radiating off the ground. They’re often located against a wall or fence
where there’s low air circulation.

  • Features

    Breathe easy with a BIO Filter
    Serene’s high-efficiency filter with bio enzymes
    can capture up to 99% of particles in the air, such
    as dust, pollen, fungi and bacteria. Better still,
    the bio enzyme even kills microbes for a cleaner
    home atmosphere.

    Maximum convenience
    With Multi-directional Airflow, you can set ‘up
    and down’ or ‘left to right’ airflow straight from
    your remote controller, or set to swing mode to
    condition the room faster. Serene also remembers
    your last set position for maximum convenience.

    Turbo mode
    If you’re in a rush to get comfortable, Turbo mode
    allows Serene to run over-capacity for a short
    period to reach your desired temperature fast.*

    12 different settings
    Adjust the fan speed just the way you like it, or
    choose the intuitive mode, that automatically
    selects from twelve different settings to suit
    your comfort needs. And it doesn’t stop there.
    The Serene also has five outdoor fan speeds
    resulting in greater energy efficiency and
    reduced sound levels.

    Protect your investment
    ActronAir now uses gold fin epoxy coated
    protection on both indoor and outdoor coils
    as standard. This is to further reduce corrosion
    from the harsh Australian conditions, as well as
    assisting the defrosting process, thus improving
    heating efficiency.

    Accessible master switch
    Unlike our competitors who enclose their master
    switches inside wall units, our Serene has an easy
    to access external on/off switch should your
    remote ever go missing.