Comfort 3D Series

Comfort 3D Series

Teco offers two series of inverter split systems: the Platinum 3D and Comfort series. Whilst both are fully featured with multiple cutting edge functionalities, the Platinum 3D series expands on the energy efficient and eco-friendly features of the Comfort series.

  • Features

    Optional Wi-Fi After installation,

    Interactive Digital Display Information is displayed on the front panel such as function confirmation and set temperature.

    Silver NANO Filter An Advanced Filtration System reduces airborne dust and dirt, along with the Silver lon NANO Filter, will aid in the efficient removal of Bacteria and Germs Providing you with clean, fresh air.


    SILENCE/FP Button on Remote Pressing this button on Remote control activates the Quiet function, lowering the fan speed to a gentle breeze inside as well as reducing the compressor running frequency outside. FP (Freeze Protection) can also be selected which sets temperature to 8°C. This keeps room temperature steady at 8°C and prevents contents in

    SLENCE the house from freezing

    FP if it is unoccupied during severe cold weather in an Aussie Cold Spot.


    Outdoor Auto Clean When you switch your unit off and after the compressor stops running, the outdoor fan motor continues running for 30 seconds and then stops. After 10 seconds the outdoor fan motor will run again for 70 seconds but this time in the reverse direction to help clean the condenser fins.

    Follow Me Mode When you select this function, the room temperature sensor built in to the remote controller is activated and overides the one in the indoor unit. The air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller, just as if the air conditioner were following you.

    12 Indoor Fan Speeds When in AUTO Mode, our Platinum 3D DC Inverter Series indoor units select the appropriate fan speed to ensure the indoor airflow is delivered to quickly reach the SET Temperature you have selected for the room. Because the unit will automatically select the speeds, energy is not wasted, hence the excellent Energy Star Ratings of this series. Auto Restart The operation mode, set temperature, and the fan speed you have selected are memorized by the indoors control PCB. The AUTO RESTART function sets to work restoring your settings the moment power has been restored after a power failure.


    Sleep Mode Decreases energy consumption while you sleep and keep comfortable. The unit will either increase or decrease the temperature by 1°C after 1 hour and an additional 1°C after another hour depending whether you have selected cooling or heating. It will hold the new temperature for 5 hours, then the unit will turn off automatically.


    Gold Fin Protection Gold Fin Protection aids in reducing corrosive effects on outdoor coils and preserves heatexchange capacity for longer. Gold Fin also promotes the effectiveness of the Self Clean function on indoor evaporator coils. Protecting your investment.


    5 Outdoor Fan Speeds Instead of the limited Outdoor Fan operating steps our 3D Inverter Series outdoor units have 5 available operating steps. Again, this contributes to the excellent Energy Star Ratings and also allows the unit to control more effectively noise levels relative to the SET temperature selected on the indoor unit.