Evaporative Cooling

Superior Performance:

More air and more filter media means greater cooling performance.  Combined with low energy use for reduced running costs, nothing compares to CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning.

Fresh Clean Air:

The ingenious CoolBreeze WaterWise Complete System and Auto Clean Cycle guarantees 100% fresh, clean, filtered air throughout your home all day, every day.

Minimal Maintenance Costs:

The CoolBreeze Auto Clean Cycle and optional 4-seasons Automatic Weather Seal eliminate the need for twice yearly seasonal maintenance.  CoolBreeze parts are readily available and servicing of your CoolBreeze unit by a qualified evaporative air technician is simple and straightforward.

Unique Exhaust Mode:

The CoolBreeze unique exhaust function means cooking odours, smoke and stale or hot air can be removed from anywhere in your home within minutes at the push of a button.  This is a great feature for pet owners.

Wall Hung Split Systems

Single Split Systems

Split systems are permanently-mounted systems with the compressor unit located externally and a separate condenser inside the home. These are joined together by piping, which carries the refrigerant. The remote location of the compressor makes these units significantly quieter than window/wall models.


The internal unit of a split system is most commonly installed on a wall. However, units which can be located at floor level (which gives optimum heating performance), on the ceiling surface, or in the ceiling as a cassette are also available. Wall units must generally be installed on an external wall to provide adequate draining of condensate. Floor-mounted units have slightly decreased cooling effectiveness. This should not usually be a concern, as heating is generally required more often than cooling. Alternatively, consider purchasing a wall unit with adjustable louvres, and mounting it approximately 1.5–2 m above the floor. The louvres should be directed downwards for heating and horizontally or upwards for cooling.


Split systems are generally more expensive to buy than window/wall units. In addition, the external compressor may be a nuisance to neighbours if it is excessively noisy. They are suitable for rooms up to 100 m².

Multi Split Systems

Multi-split systems are split systems with more than one internal unit connected to an external compressor. Systems with between two to seven internal units are available, and are able to heat or cool multiple rooms independently. As in standard split systems, internal units can be mounted on the wall, at floor level, on the ceiling or as a cassette. Depending on system design and total output, efficiency and output to individual rooms may be decreased if operating more than two outlets at once. It is vital that you decide which rooms, if any, need to be heated or cooled simultaneously, and have the system sized to cope with this demand. They are suitable for areas up to 200 m2 .

Reverse Cycle COOLING

Ducted Reverse Cycle System

Ducted systems are be suitable if you have an open-plan house, and/or prefer heating and cooling in all or most rooms of your house simultaneously.

Wherever possible, it is recommended that ducted systems be zoned. Zoning divides a home into two or more sections that can be heated or cooled separately. This enables living areas to be conditioned during the day and sleeping areas at night, reducing running costs by up to 50%. Purchase costs are also reduced, as a smaller system can be used.  The vent can be mounted in the ceiling or wall, and is capable of conditioning large open areas.