Why Choose KNIGHTS?


The Knights Heating & Cooling team have been serving the Adelaide market for over 40 years, providing peace of mind to our customers by virtue of our experience, longevity and reputation. Knights Heating & Cooling ensure that each air conditioning and heating system is individually designed and tailored to suit your property, household, lifestyle or any other specific requirements.


Knights Heating & Cooling only use reputable brands sourced from ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturers who are well positioned to offer backup support for their products. Knights Heating & Cooling provide a long lasting warranty on the entire system, ensuring a worry free purchase and peace of mind.


Knights Heating & Cooling use the highest quality ductwork and fittings for optimum performance, efficiency and system life.​ Knights Heating & Cooling employ experienced installation professionals and observe voluntary industry best practice guidelines to ensure a quality system is delivered to our customers.


Knights Heating & Cooling is a family business serving and contributing to the local community for approximately 15 years.  As we are fortunate to receive extensive ongoing support, we will be here to service your needs well into the future.The Knights Heating & Cooling team is customer focused.  We are committed to delivering a pleasant experience and professional service from the first phone call or visit to our showroom to the support phone calls from long term customers.  


​​​Knights Heating & Cooling relies on customers and our attitude reflects this at all times.